Gas-based fire suppression systems

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The firefighting industry covers a variety of applications in industrial, commercial and residential markets. This typically functions in one of two ways: The first reduces the oxygen content in the atmosphere to a level where self-sustained combustion can no longer occur. The second is to react chemically with the fire-absorbing heat and initiate a chain reaction that stops the combustion.

Gas-based fire protection systems (CO2, FM200, Novec, Inergen, Argonite, Novec™, FM-200®, INERGEN®) are a critical component for protecting property and human life in a wide range of buildings such as apartments, data centres, hospitals, hotels, parking garages, restaurants and universities as well as in manufacturing and processing plants.

The task of pressure gauges is to monitor and trigger an alarm when the pressure in gas cylinders deviates from the required values. To use instruments in stationary systems, a VdS or LPCB approval is required. In contrast, pressure switches for mobile fire protection systems do not need this approval. Here WIKA works in close cooperation with OEMs in the firefighting industry and with valve manufacturers.