Climate Partnership with the Private Sector

For WIKA, the protection of the environment and the climate protection is of great significance. For this reason WIKA South Africa participates at the project "Climate Partnerships with the Private Sector (CPPS)".

The project has two aims:

  • Mobilizing the private sector as an additional player for climate protection
  • Support building a global climate-friendly economy

South African energy consumption and carbon emissions are above the world-wide average. The bulk of South Africa’s energy comes from coal- fired power plants, which cause severe air pollution. The combustion of coal for producing electrical energy generates around 912 grams of carbon per kWh. The priority now is to reduce South Africa’s heavy dependency on coal and make greater use of renewables. The purpose of the climate partnership with WIKA was to create a basis for a lasting improvement in the industrial resource and climate protection in the project region by establishing of a resource and climate protection network. The aim was to demonstrate that employing modern and energy- efficient environmental technology also pays off for the companies in the network from a commercial point of view.

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(Text and image by DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Germany)