Models 80, 80L

Hydraulic pipeline tester

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  • On-site leakage testing of pipelines

Special Features

  • Ranges: 30 ... 600 bar (model 80) and 7 ... 120 bar (model 80L)
  • Accuracy: 0.03 % + 0.05 bar (model 80) and 0.04 % + 0.015 bar (model 80L)
  • Ergonomic layout ideal for field use
  • Fully interchangeable mass sets
  • All units supplied with certification traceable to national standards
  • UKAS certificate is available through our pressure standards laboratory as an optional extra


The hydraulic pipeline tester is a portable unit suitable for the accurate measurement of arbitrary and fluctuating pressure, which occur in power plants, pipelines and many other applications.

Standard version

Standard version

  • Standard version
  • With carrying case bottom part
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